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Impressive woven wicker basket with a special shape


It has leather handles and eco-leather decoration and is 100% handmade

Dimensions: top width 48 cm bottom width 28 cm height 23 cm thickness 10 cm

It is available in two colors



Athena Straw Basket Bag

60,00 €Price
  • Using premium natural materials that are processed and dyed with environmentally safe dyes that are non-toxic to humans, this straw bag is entirely handmade by expert artisans.

    With this incredible bag, you can use less plastic and still look stylish while supporting the preservation of the environment.

    Additionally, because no animals were mistreated or tortured during the manufacturing process, this straw bag is acceptable for vegans.

    However, just like any other work of art, each handmade bag is unique and reflects the personality of the craftsman who created it.

    Since it is extremely rare to find two identical natural materials in nature, each Straw Bag is unique, just as every woman is special and unique