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Feel the energy of crystals with this 100% handmade gold plated ring with natural raw crystals

100% Handmade Irregular Shape Natural Gem Stone Ring

Gem Stone : Amethyst, Pink Quartz, Olivine, Citrine

Ring Size: Resizable

Jewelry Main Material: Copper Alloy

Plating color: 18k Gold-plated 

Environmental friendly

Available in four colors : Amethyst, Pink Quartz, Olivine, Citrine

 Color, size and shape of each ring may vary due to physical nature of each gem stone.

Citrine: The Stone of Wealth

Since Hellenistic times it has been known as the stone of the merchant, of success, of money.

Citrine is the most healing stone for wealth, abundance, and optimism. Its name comes from the French word "citron" which means lemon, apparently from its yellow color.

Its attractive power brings wealth, prosperity and abundant material and spiritual goods. It helps us in professional advancement, positive social action and brings stability and luck. It gives life and love to family relationships. It banishes obsessions and addictions, as well as any self-destructive tendencies.

It protects its owner from enemies and from fights. It is also related to knowledge and perception and therefore can help memorization and understanding, especially students, but also everyone who tries to learn something.

Rose Quartz. The stone of love

Rose quartz balances, giving generously of a higher form of love.

It helps us overcome fear and anger and experience forgiveness and love.

Sends relaxing energy to all chakras.

It helps with fertility.

Calms headaches.

Helps with respiratory problems.


It brings marital happiness and that is why it is recommended for couples facing family problems. His calm strength will allow them to overcome any disagreements. Symbol of abundance, wealth, and luck. It attracts inspiration, fluency, clarity, wisdom, patience, balance, optimism, and calmness. It helps in having children, protects them and gives them nutritious sleep.

It soothes anger, jealousy, irritation and works as an anti-depressant. It protects against bad luck, removes fears, and dispels intense stress. Facilitates Reiki healing. Stimulates intuition and psychic abilities.

Amethyst. The Crystal Protector

Amethyst's high vibrational energy and unique healing frequencies make it a popular choice among reiki healers.

This incredible stone clears negative energies and creates a safe space for healing.

Amethyst is used to awaken the third eye and crown the chakra. The crystal can also relieve stress, soothe painful headaches, and treat symptoms associated with insomnia.

GR 22 Natural Gem Stone Ring