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Handmade eco print envelope suitable for the beach, the city or the walks on the island in Ivory Powder color


It is made of ecological cotton and mats and is decorated with the imprint of real leaves without the use of chemicals and harmful to the dye planet using the technique of eco printing


It closes with a zipper, has an inner lining and an inner pocket


Dimensions L32cm x W3cm x H22cm


Combines beautifully with the summer coat "Angelina" the long tunic "Luccile", the wraparound skirt "Laoura 'and with eco print pareo and scarves in the same shades


All eco print products, due to the peculiarity of the ecological dye with the eco printing technique, are unique and may present differences in color with the product in the photo.

Ivory Powder simply refers to the type of leaves used to achieve this great result.


  Of course, this is also impressive!


Each  eco print product is as unique as you! 

Magnolia Eco Print Clutch Bag in Ivory Powder

€139.00 Regular Price
€50.00Sale Price
Color: Ivory powder
  • The technique of eco printing is a technique of natural dyeing and decoration of fabrics without the use of chemicals which can be toxic to humans or harmful to our planet.

    Uses materials from plants (leaves, flowers, etc.) which with the help of steam and close contact with the fabric leave their imprint on it creating unique small works of art

    Ecological and natural dyeing with eco printing is a very time consuming process
    It takes art, effort, time and a lot of patience until you see the amazing works of art that only nature knows how to create. But the result is always unique and admirable

    Each leaf or part of the plant is placed separately by experienced craftsmen on the fabric and as in everything handmade the result is unique, reflecting the personality of the creator who made it.

    On the other hand, each leaf used to create these little masterpieces is different. Even the two sides of the same sheet are different or even the same sheet is different depending on the time of year

    An eco print design is impossible to reproduce 100% but that is the impressive thing!

    Each piece of the eco print resort collection collection is as unique as each sheet used to create these small works of art and as unique and special is every woman

    All eco print products can look delicate but there is no reason to worry since their construction has been prepared so that they can be washed and maintained for many years. And of course in each garment are written the instructions for its proper maintenance .

    In many cases, remnants of the leaves have been intentionally left on the clothes and are the unshakable proof of their construction.

    Finally for the creation of eco print fabrics no animals were killed or tortured in any way hence the eco print fabrics is Cruelty Free and therefore suitable for Vegan

    In the eco print resort collection , fashion is inspired by nature and creates small works of art as unique and lovable as any woman!

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