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Whether you need a cover-up for the beach or a dress for an island party, this angelic boho dress is perfect for you.

Knee-length, with straps, a plunging neckline and an open back, it is decorated with colorful crochet granny squares and you can wear it to create the perfect look for any occasion

Handmade granny square summer dress in


Vibrand Yellow

100% Handmade

Composition Polyester with handmade cotton crochet

One Size

Length 89 cm

Chest 97 cm

Circumference 96 cm

The inner color of the handmade knitted squares is random, making each dress unique.

Molly Granny's Square Beach Dress

€50.00 Regular Price
€35.00Sale Price
  • Welcome to the massive crochet explosion!
    Some people will always be reminded of the 1970s by their grandmother's crochet squares. Afterwards, those squares were joined to create blankets; perhaps your grandmother possessed one on her couch.
    However, granny crochet squares are making a comeback and can now be seen on dresses, kaftans, kimonos, shorts, blouses, skirts, and even as decorative elements.

    Perhaps the need to spend more time with our grandparents—a generation severely impacted by the pandemic—is what initially sparked this sentiment of nostalgia, bringing back happy memories and a cozy sense of familiarity.

    Yet, our admiration for everything knit and crocheted can be interpreted as an additional protest against fast fashion. At last, we are beginning to recognize the value of the time required to create something.
    The grandma's crocheted squares are true outstanding works of art.
    Grandma's crocheted blankets are a prime example of something so traditionally domestic that can be subversively transformed into something you'll want to wear with pride on the street. This happens because fashion is always on the cutting edge.

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