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Payment methods

1. By Deposit in a Bank Account (remittance)

 This is the common way of payment.

  In this case, you must notify us by phone at 00306944597939  

The order remains in a state of "waiting" after its registration, until our accounting department confirms the deposit of the amount to one of the  following banking  accounts:

Alpha Bank

IBAN: GR2201401350135002002021600


IBAN GR6302603200000220200682672


IBAN GR360160868000000005134272


IBAN GR38 0171 0400 0060 4014 5488 528



If you choose this method of payment please send the proof of deposit via e-mail to

CAUTION:  Please always give your name under depositor 


In remittance payments, the order is sent only if the transfer is made at the expense of the sender ("OUR", not "SHA)

All payment transfers must be made in the pricing currency of our store (EUR).  

2. With payment in our store

If you prefer to collect and pay in the store, a telephone contact must have preceded, in order for the availability check. The order is prepared the same or the next day and when it is ready we call  so that you can come and pick it up. Please note that this way of payment is valid only for invoices under 500 euros.


3. Cash on delivery

  You will pay upon receipt of the products you ordered at the place you have indicated to us.

  Cash on delivery is a secure method of paying for purchases. Upon receipt of the products you have ordered, you also pay the amount owed to the employee of the courier company who delivers the order to you. (ELTA COURIER).

  This method is only available for destinations within Greece and Cyprus

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