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Bmb bags is a Greek ethical fashion wholesale brand which combines ethics and aesthetics in woman’s fashion accessories.

Katerina Frosinioti is the founder of bmb bags. The idea of using ecofriendly materials in our everyday life was born during her university studies in biology.

 Bamboo is an extremely Eco-friendly material. It is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, is very strong and durable yet it can be flexible as well and is very lightweight.

So bmb bags were born in 2015 and then the name bmb bags came directly to her mind. Bmb are the 3 consonants of the word bamboo.

Bmb bags are designed in Greece, but their production takes place in Southern Asia where bamboo is a native species of this area. All are Individually handcrafted by our skilled artisan, creating high quality & one-of-a-kind items.

Our appreciation for all handmade items can be read yet as another reaction against fast fashion. “We are finally starting to value the time it takes to make something,” says Katerina. “These are true works of art.” There’s also something almost subversive about taking something so traditionally domestic and proudly wearing it out in the world" and continues  "We would like bmb bags to be loved by woman not only for their unique designs and excellent quality but also for their contribution to the growing of the green fashion industry"


In bmb bags we believe that fashion makes life more beautiful than it truly is, by making people look and/or feel more beautiful than they otherwise might be. Under this point of view, we created a Resort Wear Collection which is inspired by the emerald water, the idyllic beaches and the bright Greek summer light that floods the sea and the sky.  

Our collection is a combination of modern designs with exceptional quality and sustainable handmade features.

Our Spring/Summer 2024 collection includes not only your favorite natural raw bamboo handmade bags, but also a stunning collection of modern women's bamboo leather handbags. These are specially designed for eco-conscious fashion lovers who want to stand out from the crowd.

Bamboo leather is an innovative material derived from bamboo plant waste, preserving the texture and properties of real leather, but without harming any animals and of course without polluting the environment with plastic.

In this year's collection you will also find foulard, scarves and pareos made of bamboo fabric in wonderful designs and colors. Handmade raffia handbags, stunning straw baskets and hats, beautifully decorative sandals, and special natural gemstones jewelry!

   So, if you want to impress your customers while reducing your ecological footprint contact us now and get our Wholesale catalogues

Sustainability is in our DNA

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