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Bamboo Leather  Handbags

What is Bamboo Leather and how is it made?  

The Bamboo Leather is a vegan alternative to traditional leather. It's an innovative, plant-based material crafted from recycled bamboo products like furniture and toothbrushes. After recycling, bamboo pieces are ground into a fine powder, which is then transformed into bamboo leather.

Bamboo leather consists of up to 60% bamboo powder, with the remaining material being a blend of recycled polyester and water-based polyurethane used to reinforce and support the bamboo powder. This combination is essential for the material's durability and strength. The final result is a 100% vegan material, ready to become a stunning  bmb bag!



Making of the bamboo powder 


 Utilizing bamboo as the primary material and incorporating additional recyclable materials to craft bamboo leather.


Production of stylish, modern BMB bags which exhibit complete commitment to sustainability.

Bamboo Plantations 


Bamboo furniture and personal care items



Recycle of Bamboo Products

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