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Impressive woven wicker basket decorated with eco feathers

It has an inner lining, closes like a pouch and is 100% handmade

Dimensions: 24x11x18cm

It is available in two colors



Angel Straw Basket Bag

  • The entire Straw Bag is created by skilled artisans by hand using premium natural materials that are processed and dyed using eco-friendly dyes that are safe for the environment and non-toxic to people.
    By carrying this amazing bag, you are able to style any way you want and contribute to environmental preservation by using less plastic.
    In addition this Straw Bag is suitable for vegans because no animals were harmed or tortured during its manufacturing.

    On the other hand, each handmade bag is unique and reflects the individuality of the craftsman who made it, just like any other piece of art.
    Each Straw Bag is unique, just as every woman is special and unique, when one considers the fact that it is very difficult to find two identical natural materials in nature!

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