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Impressive handmade shoulder bag with eco leather straps decorated with mother of pearl


It closes with a magnetic clasp, has an inner lining and an inner pocket with a zipper.


Dimensions  35cm x 24 (44) c m

Black Stripes Pearl Bag

€60.00 Regular Price
€30.00Sale Price
  • The mother of pearl is natural material. It is the common name for an iridescent coating (scientifically called nacre = pearl), a mixture of minerals secreted by oysters and other mollusks and deposited in their shells, overlapping and protecting them from pests and foreign objects. It is strong, durable and iridescent and is also the outer coating of pearls.

    The reason why natural pearls are much more expensive than mother of pearl is that all oysters have nacre = pearl in the inner lining of their shell, but not every oyster will form a natural pearl.

    We can say that the mother of pearl is a gift from the ocean and has been used for many centuries as a decorative element to decorate women's accessories and many more items.

    Material for the production of mother of pearl used to make mother of pearl bags is collected in safe and ecologically sustainable ways

    After cleaning the outer shell of the shells, the remaining inner shell, the pearl, is cut into various small shapes and sizes to be glued or then embroidered on the mother of pearl bags.

    All the above process is done by experienced craftsmen exclusively by hand and as everything handmade each bag is a small work of art, it is unique and reflects the personality of the craftsman who made it.

    If one takes into account the fact that in nature it is extremely difficult to find two identical natural materials, it is obvious because each mother of pearl bag is as unique as each woman is unique and special!

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