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Feel the energy of crystals with this 100% handmade gold plated handcuff bracelet with natural raw crystals

100% Handmade Irregular Shape Natural Gem Stone Bracelet

Gem Stone : Olivine, Rose Quartz , Amazonite,Red Agate 

Bracelet Type: Open

Jewelry Main Material: Copper Alloy

Plating color: Gold-plated

 Stone Size: About 30~45mm

Bracelet Diameter : About 70mm(adjustment)

Weight :20-25gr

Environmental friendly

Available in four crystals :Olivine, Rose Quartz, Amazonite, Carnelian

 Color, size and shape of each bracelet may vary due to physical nature of each gem stone.


It brings marital happiness and that is why it is recommended for couples facing family problems. His calm strength will allow them to overcome any disagreements. Symbol of abundance, wealth, and luck. It attracts inspiration, fluency, clarity, wisdom, patience, balance, optimism, and calmness. It helps in having children, protects them and gives them nutritious sleep.

It soothes anger, jealousy, irritation and works as an anti-depressant. It protects against bad luck, removes fears, and dispels intense stress. Facilitates Reiki healing. Stimulates intuition and psychic abilities

Rose Quartz. The stone of love

Rose quartz balances, giving generously of a higher form of love.

It helps us overcome fear and anger and experience forgiveness and love.

Sends relaxing energy to all chakras.

It helps with fertility.

Calms headaches.

Helps with respiratory problems.

Amazonite (Amazonite). The crystal of courage

It manifests universal love.

Dispels negative energy.

Pebble of joy, strength, inspiration, insight.

It relieves stress.

Aligns the physical body with the etheric fields.

Limits sleep disturbances.

Balances and soothes emotional trauma


 Carnelian crystals are celebrated for their rich, vibrant energy that stimulates courage, motivation, and other positive life choices.

 Carnelian is believed to stimulate the metabolism, aid in fertility issues, and enhance the absorption of vitamins and minerals while also providing emotional warmth and support.

 The crystal is touted as a shield that wards off envy, rage, and resentment, whether it's coming from you or being sent to you, ensuring emotional stability

GB 20 Natural Gem Stone Bracele

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  • One of the most magnificent gifts from the earth to humanit