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Feel the energy of turquoise with these amazing drop earrings with Mohave Blue Turquoise stones.

100% Handmade Irregular Shape Natural Gem Stone Hoop Earrings

Gem Stone :Mohave Blue Turquoise

Earring Type: Drop Earrings

Jewelry Main Material: Copper Alloy

Plating color: Gold-plated 

 Stone Size:  Height 28mm, Width 20mm Total Length for Earring is approximately:3,5cm-4,5 cm

Environmental friendly

 Color, size and shape of each earring may vary due to physical nature of each gem stone.


Mohave Turquoise

Mohave Turquoise, also known as Mohave Green Turquoise or Mohave Blue Turquoise, is a type of turquoise that has been stabilized and often treated to enhance its color. It is not a naturally occurring stone but is created through a process of infusing natural Kingman turquoise with other minerals, such as copper or brass. This infusion results in a striking range of colors, including vibrant greens and blues, often with intricate matrix patterns.

The Mojave Turquoise stone is believed to have several physical benefits for its users. These physical benefits include the following:

Detoxification It aids your body in getting rid of toxins.

Mojave Turquoise also aids your digestive system by enabling it to absorb the most vitamins and nutrients you need to be in your healthiest state.

This crystal also helps strengthen your muscles.

Mojave Turquoise helps you calm your mind. It helps rid your mind of negative thoughts and emotions.

This stone brings its wearer self-acceptance. The stone also encourages self-forgiveness, as you cannot fully accept yourself without forgiving yourself for your shortcomings and mistakes.

It is also a powerful stone that enhances communication and brings about good fortune to you. It invites prosperity and success in your life.

GE6 Natural Gem Stone Earrings

Color: Turqoise
  • One of the most magnificent gifts from the earth to humanity are natural gemstones In the early stages of human history, people have reasonably assumed that semi-precious stones possess mystical qualities due to their extraordinary morphology, colors, shapes, transparency, and durability. Indeed, it is thought that natural crystals vibrate with the energy of the earth at varying frequencies, having assimilated the energy over hundreds, thousands, or even millions of years. This allows them to benefit us therapeutically by altering the energy flow within our bodies.

    Stones are connected to history and mythology across all cultures. While some have been admired since the very beginning of humankind, others have only lately come to light.
    Jewelry made of semi-precious gemstones is a means of expressing one's viewpoint and individuality.
    Wearing it brings luck, health, beauty, and well-being.

    It's a wonderful present for you, your closest friend, someone you love, or anyone else who appreciates beautiful jewelry crafted from real semi-precious stones.
    Love and hope have been symbolized by crystals. A pendant made of crystals may reduce tension and weakness.

    Amethyst facilitates easier access to the divine by opening and activating the crown chakra. Due to the amethyst's potent healing energy, negative energy can be changed into loving energy by raising vibrations from lower to higher frequencies.
    Although agate cannot alter feelings, it can alter how much acceptance of the emotion there is. For instance, agate can reassure you that your sadness will pass and help you move on to a new day.

    The size, color, texture, and shape of each stone may vary slightly because all the semi-precious stones used to make our jewelry are natural. Every piece of jewelry made with natural gemstones is unique. The product you receive might therefore be different from the one shown in the picture.

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