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Feel the energy of Quartz with this 100% handmade raw Quartz pendant with gold plated chain.

Quartz is the only mineral that consists exclusively of silicon and oxygen. It is considered a popular crystal that has been known for centuries for its healing properties. Gives positive energy and well-being. It removes the negativity of the environment and effectively cleans the aura, giving spiritual balance and harmony.

It protects against strong environmental radiation from various sources such as computers, mobile phones and televisions. It is a protection shield against the evil eye and ensures calm and peace.

It is ideal for people who suffer from insomnia and nightmares as this stone works beneficially and ensures peaceful sleep and prophetic dreams. Soothes dizziness and migraines and at the same time strengthens the immune system.

Chain length : 48cm +5cm

Semi-precious stone dimensions : Height 20-70mm Length 20-50mm Thickness :5-15mm

Available in three colors Light blue, Purple, White

As our jewelry is made entirely of natural semi-precious stones and in some cases the color is dyed using natural techniques, there may be a slight variation in the size, color, texture, and shape of each stone. Each piece of natural semi-precious stone jewelry is unique. For this reason, the product you receive may differ from the product in the photo

GN 13 Natural Gem Stone Necklace

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