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Feel the energy of crystals with this 100% handmade raw crystal pendant with gold plated stainless steel chain

 Crystals symbolize love and hope. A crystal pendant can reduce stress and relieve fatigue.

100% Handmade Star Shape Natural Gem Stone Necklace

Gem Stone : Amethyst (αμέθυστος)

Chain Type: Link Chain

Chain Material : Stainless Steel

Jewelry Main Material: Copper Alloy

Plating color: Gold-plated

Pendant size: About 20mm~50mm*15mm*30mm

Chain Length: 48cm +5cm(tail chain)

Environmental friendly

 Color, size and shape of each pendant may vary due to physical nature of each gem stone.

 Amethyst Amethyst The Protector Crystal

 Amethyst's high vibrational energy and unique healing frequencies make it a popular choice among reiki healers.

 This incredible stone clears negative energies and creates a safe space for healing . The crystal can also relieve stress, soothe painful headaches, and treat symptoms associated with insomnia.


GN9 Natural Gem Stone Necklace

Color: Amethyst
  • Semi-precious stones are one of the earth's most beautiful gifts to man. From the beginning of its history, man, faced with the inexplicable natural beauty of semi-precious stones - with their incredible morphology, colors, shapes, transparency - and their durability, justifiably attributed mystical properties to the stones. And indeed, natural crystals, having incorporated the earth's energy itself over hundreds, thousands, or even millions of years, are believed to vibrate with that energy, each at a different frequency, and can help us therapeutically by influencing the flow of energy in our own body. In all cultures and civilizations stones are associated with myths and history. Some have been worshiped since the beginning of mankind and some have only recently been discovered.

    Wearing semi-precious stone jewelry is a point of view and a way of personal expression.

    When worn, it promotes beauty, health, good luck and good health.

    It makes a great gift for yourself, your best friend, a significant other, or anyone who enjoys fine jewelry made from natural semi-precious stones

    Crystals symbolize love and hope. A crystal pendant can reduce stress and relieve fatigue.

    Amethyst opens and activates the crown chakra, allowing easier access to the divine. Amethyst's powerful healing energy can transform lower vibrations into higher frequencies, transforming negative energy into loving energy.

    Agate cannot change emotions, but it helps to change the level of acceptance of the emotion. For example, when you are sad

    agate will let you know that this will pass and help you through to another brand new day.

    As our jewelry is made entirely of natural semi-precious stones and in some cases the color is dyed using natural techniques, there may be a slight variation in the size, color, texture, and shape of each stone. Each piece of natural semi-precious stone jewelry is unique. For this reason, the product you receive may differ from the product in the photo

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