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Feel the energy of crystals wearing this 100% handmade gold plated double ring with natural Druzy Quartz crystals

 100% Handmade Irregular Shape Natural Gem Stone Ring

Gem Stone : Druzy Quartz

Ring Size: Resizable

Jewelry Main Material: Copper Alloy

Plating color: 18k Gold-plated 

Environmental friendly

 Color, size and shape of each ring may vary due to physical nature of each gem stone.

Druzy Quartz

Druzy are multiple sets of crystals formed in another stone. This can happen after many thousands - or even millions - of years as water continuously flows over a stone. As it evaporates and cools, it leaves behind sediment and silica. Druzy can appear as almost any color of the rainbow. These tiny crystalline structures are clustered on top of the gemstone — or inside a stone or ground Agate cavity. In many cases, the crystals are too small to be seen with the naked eye. But when joined together, each refracts and redirects natural light, to create a glossy surface that could put a disco ball to shame. They are often found in the hollow cavity of Agate geodes. Druzy Quartz has all the properties and benefits of Quartz but is especially beneficial for balancing as well as enhancing energies. It can help with self-exploration, patience and starting new projects.

GR 21D Natural Gem Stone Ring

  • One of the most magnificent gifts from the earth to humanity are natural gemstones In the early stages of human history, people have reasonably assumed that semi-precious stones possess mystical qualities due to their extraordinary morphology, colors, shapes, transparency, and durability. Indeed, it is thought that natural crystals vibrate with the energy of the earth at varying frequencies, having assimilated the energy over hundreds, thousands, or even millions of years. This allows them to benefit us therapeutically by altering the energy flow within our bodies.

    Stones are connected to history and mythology across all cultures. While some have been admired since the very beginning of humankind, others have only lately come to light.
    Jewelry made of semi-precious gemstones is a means of expressing one's viewpoint and individuality.
    Wearing it brings luck, health, beauty, and well-being.

    It's a wonderful present for you, your closest friend, someone you love, or anyone else who appreciates beautiful jewelry crafted from real semi-precious stones.
    Love and hope have been symbolized by crystals. A pendant made of crystals may reduce tension and weakness.

    Amethyst facilitates easier access to the divine by opening and activating the crown chakra. Due to the amethyst's potent healing energy, negative energy can be changed into loving energy by raising vibrations from lower to higher frequencies.
    Although agate cannot alter feelings, it can alter how much acceptance of the emotion there is. For instance, agate can reassure you that your sadness will pass and help you move on to a new day.

    The size, color, texture, and shape of each stone may vary slightly because all the semi-precious stones used to make our jewelry are natural. Every piece of jewelry made with natural gemstones is unique. The product you receive might therefore be different from the one shown in the picture.

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