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Versatile handmade  waist bag that combines Portuguese cork with the technique of knitted bag. 


It consists of two bags of different sizes which are fastened to  an impressive gold chain. So depending on your mood and the style you want to give to your look you can  use the small, large or both bags at the same time 


Available in gold 


Greek construction 


Keity Polymorphic Belt Cork Bag

€60.00 Regular Price
€42.00Sale Price
  • Keity Belt  Cork Bag  is entirely handmade by experienced craftsmen, using only high quality Portuguese cork which is the best quality cork in the world

    Cork is one of the most recognized ecological materials and has the texture of leather. It is very light and 100% waterproof.

    Holding a bag of cork  you take off your daily look, while at the same time you help save our planet by reducing the use of plastics.

    In addition for its construction no animal was killed or tortured in any way therefore cork bags are Cruelty Free and therefore suitable for Vegan

    On the other hand, like everything handmade, each bag is unique, reflecting the personality of the craftsman who made it.

    If one takes into account the fact that in nature it is extremely difficult to find two identical natural materials, it is obvious why each bag of cork is as unique as every woman is unique and special!

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