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Jacquard Clutch Bag with fringes

It closes with a zipper and has an inner cotton lining and an inner pocket

Dimensions: 26x18 cm

Zoe Jacquard Clutch Bag

  • Jacquards were considered as old-fashioned for a period of time, but they are currently included in contemporary fashion trends.
    A Jacquard loom is used to create the specially woven fabric known as jacquard. This loom bears the name of Joseph-Marie Jacquard, who constructed the innovative loom during the early 1800s, enabling the creation of designs while knitting with a variety of materials including cotton, polyester, silk, and acrylic.

    Since each jacquard pattern is woven into the fabric itself, jacquard fabric is more fade- and wear-resistant than locally dyed fabrics because each thread is individually dyed by soaking it in the appropriate dye. On the other hand, patterns that are printed or printed on the fabric's surface are more likely to fade, stretch, or otherwise wear and tear from repeated use.

    Since jacquard patterns are here to stay, jacquard fabrics are a great option for stylish, useful women's bags that you can take with you everywhere you go and use for a very long time.


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