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Grandma’s Magical Touch Collection has a nostalgic, romantic, and sentimental air.

Maybe this nostalgic expression started from the need to get closer to our grandparents - a generation that has been hit hardly by the pandemic - creating a warm, almost tingling feeling of precious familiarity, a happy side effect of rediscovery. Sometimes we even crave the kinds of things that predate our existence and take us out of the present (anxious, uncertain) and into the past (invented, and therefore untainted by reality).

In Grandma’s Magical Touch Collection this nostalgia comes in the form of crochet — specifically the so-called granny's  squares. Often the first thing budding crocheters learn how to make, the pattern appears in joyful color combos and often features flowery motifs. In the ’70s these squares were combined to make blankets — perhaps your grandmother had one on her couch. But here, the delightful things have leapt onto handbags, dresses, kimonos, and cover-ups.

In Grandma’s Magical Touch Collection, apart from Crocheted kaftans and cover-ups, embroidered lace kimonos, and 100% handmade granny's  crocheted squares dresses and tops, you will find also special handmade crochet bags and jacquard bags made of beautiful, colorful jacquard fabrics.


On a lighter note, our appreciation for all things knit and crochet can be read yet another reaction against fast fashion. We are finally starting to value the time it takes to make something.

Grandma’s Magical Touch Collection is true a work of art. 

There’s also something almost subversive about taking something so traditionally domestic and proudly wearing it out in the world.

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