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Handmade bag, made of bamboo   


Features cotton fabric upholstery and leather shoulder strap as well   round wooden handles.


Available in natural and black color 


Dimensions 27 cm x 18 cm

Elli Bamboo Bag

  • Elli  Bamboo Bag   It is entirely handmade by experienced craftsmen, using only high quality natural materials which are dyed and treated with ecologically non-toxic to humans and non-destructive to our planet dyes.

    Holding an Elli Bamboo Bag  you take off your daily look, while at the same time you help save our planet by reducing the use of plastics.

    On the other hand, like everything handmade, each bag is unique, reflecting the personality of the craftsman who made it.

    If one takes into account the fact that in nature it is extremely difficult to find two identical natural materials, it is obvious why each one Elli Bamboo Bag  is as unique as every woman is unique and special!

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