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100% Handmade Irregular Shape Freshwater Pearl rings

Ring Size: Resizable

Jewelry Main Material: Copper Alloy

Plating color: 18k Gold-plated 

Environmental friendly

 Color, size and shape of each ring may vary due to physical nature of each fresh water pearl.

PR1 Fresh Water Pearl Ring

  • Pearls are iconic works of nature. In a wonderful way

    born from oysters and their extraordinary beauty with the vast variety in shapes, colors and sizes, pearls create unique, true, living jewelry. Gifting a pearl means wishing for prosperity, growth and happiness. Each pearl is unique and gives the piece an irresistible charm. When it comes to freshwater pearls, with their huge variety, the magic is even greater.

    The areas where these pearls are grown are China, Japan and the Mississippi region of the United States of America. However, it is known that the best freshwater pearls come from China, where they have been cultivated since the 13th century and today, this country of the East is the undisputed world leader in this species. Freshwater pearls come in a wide variety of shapes and natural colors and usually cost less than marine pearls.

    Their main feature is that they do not have a core, (except Edison). All pearls regardless of type are entirely layered pearl. A common element with sea pearls is that they have a variety of shapes, from the classic flawless round to the so-called baroque shape, as well as a wide variety of colors. The sizes of freshwater pearls vary, from as small as about 2 mm, to 13-15 mm in diameter.

    However, don't get the idea that the lower price of freshwater pearls means lower quality. The difference is essentially due to the fact that their culture requires fewer resources than that of Akoya or South Sea pearls. In fact, a freshwater mollusk can produce about 50 pearls in the same shell, while a pinctada martensii oyster produces only one pearl at a time.

    In any case, freshwater pearls, with their incredible beauty and quality, leave inexhaustible space for the imagination and create unique jewelry that causes admiration.

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