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Impressive 100% handmade crochet bag woven with traditional crochet and decorated with colorful granny squares that really are true works of art.

It has an inner cotton lining, an inner pocket, crocheted shoulder straps and closes with a magnetic clasp.

Dimensions : : 35x35 cm

Stella Granny's Square Crochet Shoulder Bag

€68.00 Regular Price
€40.00Sale Price
  • For some, grandma's crochet squares will forever remind you of the seventies. Then those squares were combined to make blankets - maybe your grandma had one on her sofa.

    But now the granny crochet squares are back and either alone or as decorative elements are found on dresses, kaftans, kimonos, shorts, blouses and skirts.

    Perhaps this nostalgic mood started from the need to get closer to our grandparents - a generation that has been hit hard by the effects of the pandemic - creating a warm feeling of familiarity and a joyful mood of rediscovery.

    On the other hand, our appreciation of all things knit and crochet can be read as yet another reaction against fast fashion. We are finally starting to appreciate the time it takes to make something.

    Grandma's crochet squares are true works of art.

    And because fashion is cutting-edge, there's nothing more subversive than taking something so traditionally household - like grandma's crocheted blankets - and turning it into something you'll want to wear proudly on the street.